Official Opening of The African Cultural Centre – “African Village”

The centre was inaugurated on July 18, Nelson Mandela’s birth anniversary, and was attended by representatives of the African community, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of Ljubljana, the Office of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, and members of the African community.

The African Village serves as a space for various events, exhibitions, and workshops that celebrate African traditions, music, and dance, while also providing a platform for Africans to connect with each other and their cultural roots. Through these initiatives, the centre hopes to facilitate greater understanding and appreciation of African culture and promote cultural exchange between Slovenia and the African continent.

The establishment of the African Village was made possible through the support and contributions of various stakeholders, and the centre’s management expressed their gratitude towards them during the opening ceremony.

“The African Village is a significant cultural hub in Ljubljana, which serves the dual purpose of celebrating African culture and facilitating the integration of Africans into Slovenian society,” said the centre’s spokesperson.

The centre’s opening marks a significant milestone in promoting cultural diversity and understanding in Slovenia, and it is expected to attract visitors from all over the world. The African Village promises to be an exciting addition to the cultural landscape of Slovenia, and its establishment is a step towards greater cultural integration and appreciation.

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