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Join our community and be part of the cultural integration movement. Together, we can break down barriers, celebrate diversity, and create a more connected and compassionate society. Sign up for our programs and initiatives, volunteer, or donate to support our mission. Let’s build bridges and make a difference today.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to integrating African immigrants into Slovene society. Through our programs and initiatives, we provide support and resources to help immigrants adapt to their new environment and build meaningful connections within the local community. We believe that by promoting cultural understanding and collaboration, we can create a more harmonious and inclusive society for all.

Our Value

At The African Village, our values are the foundation of our organization’s approach to cultural integration. We embrace diversity and inclusion, empathy and respect, community engagement, and education and awareness. By promoting these values, we strive to create a more connected and compassionate society. We believe in the importance of community engagement, empowering individuals to become active participants in building a more inclusive society.

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Our Partners

Together, we are committed to fostering social cohesion, inclusivity, and cultural exchange within the African diaspora and beyond.